Preparing for the Future, Today
Today, the world is completely dependent upon technology. One of the greatest technological advances is the development in transportation. Almost all of today’s most popular innovations in transportation are powered by petroleum-based products. Thus, humans, dependent upon technology, rely heavily upon fossil fuels. Biofuels are renewable sources, which means they can be restored easily. As an alternative for petroleum-based fuels, biofuels offer benefits both economical as well as environmental. Due to simple processes, biofuels can be produced very efficiently.  Today, many companies are researching ways to convert their nations’ usages to biofuels. With this new technology, our civilization can continue to progress further into the modern age of sciences.
Did You Know?
· In 2008, biofuels were worth   $34.8 billion on the global   market.
· The US uses corn and   soybeans to make biofuels,   while Europe tends to use   flaxseed and rapeseed. Brazil   uses sugarcane and Asia   uses palm oil.
("Industry: Biofuels.")

What is cellulosic ethanol?
According to Jessica Weber of ClimateWire, cellulosic ethanol is made of tough, inedible plant parts, such as corn cobs or switch grass, broken down by enzymes into simpler sugars that can be fermented. Now enzyme companies, like Novozymes®, say they are near to breaking down another tough obstacle: the cost of enzymes that will make the next generation of low-carbon fuels.
What are biofuels, anyway?
The term “biofuels” refers to fuel produced from renewable biomass material, commonly used as an alternative, cleaner fuel source.
(“Biofuel Definition.”)

Biomass is … ?
Biomass is organic materials used as renewable energy sources, such as wood, crops, and waste
(“Biomass Definiton.”)

In 2008, what were the top ten biofuels?
1. Coskata
2. Sapphire Energy
3. Virent Energy Systems
4. Poet
5. Range Fuels
6. Solayzme
7. Amyris Biotechnologies
8. Mascoma
9. DuPont Danisco
10. UOP


What is ethanol?
Ethanol is fuel derived from alcoholic sugars found in crops such as rice, potato skins and sugarcane. It is commonly made from corn and wheat. Corn is commonly the base material in the United States due to its affordability and availability.


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